Monday, 16 January 2012

a lovely 3 tones satin

we present to you our 3 tones satin.
so beautiful and lovely with high quality ones.
only for you and it is limited!grab one ladies. :)

satin red+maroon+black


 left view

right view

white+grey+grey black=SOLD

our lovely satin only RM10!
any enquiries please email us or just wall to wall at our facebook,
Don't forget to read our T&C.
Happy shopping girls! :)

happy blogshopping !


  1. how to wear exactly like this model's style? Is there any tutorial on youtube or else? I've been searching for this on youtube, tapi tak jumpa sebab tktau apa nama style ni. Kalau tau barulah sedap nak beli. thanks :D

  2. dh bnyk org ask for tutorial,insyaallah mmg kita nk buat tp sbb kekangan masa,once dh ad kte akan annouce ye yunk..tgu taw..jgn lupa usha our new arrival! :)


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